Supervised playgroup



Playing freely and having first experiences in a group

If you are looking for a loving and flexible way for your child to have their first childcare experiences while playing with other children, the supervised playgroups (without parents present) are just the right place for you and your child!

During your absence, we will take care of your little darling with professionalism, love and kindness. It is as important for us as it is for you that your child feels at home and safe with us. This allows you to let your child stay with us with a good conscience. For this reason, we ask you to let your child settle in during a familiarisation period, in which you accompany him or her without any time pressure and are still present during playtime. Planned separations (5-30 minutes) show your child that you will always come back for them. Once familiarisation is over, you can bring your child to the playgroup flexibly on up to 3 days per week for three hours at a time.

Daily rituals (e.g. welcoming the children in the morning round, eating together, etc.), daily visits to the on-site playground, high-quality facilities, cuddle corners, nappy-changing area, children’s cutlery, a variety of toys and a child-safe room ensure a problem-free stay.

Concept supervised playgroup


The Zuckertag care groups see themselves as a family-supporting facility. In accordance with the Bavarian Education and Upbringing Plan (BEP) and its image of the child, special emphasis is placed on the toddler-specific needs (e.g. basic trust, security and safety) and on strengthening basic skills (among other things, self-awareness, social skills and resilience). The children are co-creators of their understanding of the world and are given the opportunity to develop their self-determination and independence within our self-contained groups.

The pedagogues are active role models for the children and support them on their way to personality development and consolidation of individuality in everyday group life. This way, the children’s thirst for knowledge and ability to learn are encouraged with fun and enthusiasm.

A daily routine with recurring rituals gives the children a sense of security and stability. Within this routine, it is easy for the children to absorb, internalise and process all new experiences.

The structure of our annual group activities is oriented around the seasons, traditional festivals and the individual needs of the children. The pedagogues of the Zuckertag care groups see the parents as “experts of their children” and value a partnership based on mutual appreciation.

Familiarisation period:

  • The familiarisation period usually lasts about 4 weeks. Depending on how your child is doing, the familiarisation period may be shorter or longer.
  • We will inform you about the familiarisation process in an introductory conversation.
  • Before the familiarisation, please decide who will accompany your child during the familiarisation (mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, babysitter). This person needs to accompany the child throughout the entire familiarisation period.
  • The child can always bring a familiar item or toy with them.
  • We work according to the Berliner Eingewöhnungsmodell (Berlin Familiarisation Model).
  • The person who accompanies the child during the familiarisation period should stay on our premises during the familiarisation period. Our co-working café is ideal for this.
  • The pedagogue documents the familiarisation process of your child on a daily basis and informs you about the current status at regular intervals.

The structure of the familiarisation period is as follows:

Week 1

  • Your child and the accompanying person stay in the group for 45 minutes a day.
  • The pedagogue is passive but attentive to your child’s signals (the accompanying person is assigned a fixed place in the group by the pedagogue).
  • The pedagogical carer gradually and attentively establishes contact with your child through play activities.
  • The first attempt to separate from the accompanying person is on the 6th day (max. 10 minutes). This should happen quickly and in a clear manner.

Week 2

  • Your child joins the group every day.
  • After a short arrival period, the separation from the accompanying person begins. The length of the separation is individually adapted to the child.
  • While saying goodbye your child is being supported by the pedagogical carer, comforted and, if necessary, distracted with a toy. The pedagogical carer builds up contact with your child through play activities.
  • Your child is gradually introduced to the group structure.

Week 3

  • After consultation with the pedagogue, your child comes to the supervised playgroup for three days a week from week three onwards.
  • Your child builds up a bond with his or her pedagogical carer.
  • In the farewell situation, your child is accompanied by the pedagogical carer, comforted and, if necessary, distracted with a toy.

Week 4

  • Familiarisation is considered complete when your child can stay without the accompanying person in the group for at least two hours.

The basic rule here is: We always follow the pace of your child.

A place in the supervised playgroup includes:

  • 9 hours of care per week: Once familiarisation is complete, bring your child flexibly and without prior notice!
  • Access and material fees for Zuckertag Family events such as Christmas party, summer party, Easter party, carnival party and much more
  • Pedagogical advice on questions regarding parenting from a highly qualified team of pedagogues
  • Daily access to the co-working café with Wi-Fi and printer
  • Access to the café & playroom
  • Access to the protected outdoor playground
  • Priority placement in our day care centre (from the 9th month of life, subject to availability)
  • Priority placement for summer holiday care (from 9 months of age, subject to availability)
  • 25 € discount on renting a room for family events (e.g. children’s birthday parties)

For the benefit of the children, our care rooms are limited to a maximum of 13 children. We only accept so many children in our supervised playgroup so that there is enough time to care for all children.

You can always drop your child off at the full hour between 09:00 and 12:00 (i.e. at 09:00, 10:00 or 11:00), once familiarisation has been completed. In very rare cases, you may have to wait a short time for another child to be picked up first.

After returning, please leave the nursery with your child quickly so that we can concentrate fully on looking after the other children.

On the first day of familiarisation, and every day after that, the following things labelled with your child’s name:

  • bottle
  • lunch box,
  • diaper bag
  • change of clothes
  • slippers/socks
  • dummy (pacifier)
  • weatherproof clothing for playing outside (rain trousers)
  • during summer: sun hat, please apply sunscreen at home. During winter: hat, gloves etc.

When you register for the first time at our reception, you will receive a bag for these items, which you should also label with your child’s name. Unfortunately, we cannot accept large diaper bags.

We are happy to celebrate your child’s birthday with you. Please speak to us a few days in advance so we can plan ahead.

In the best interest of everyone, your child may only come to the group if they are healthy. Children with contagious diseases must stay at home! Children with a fever (38 degrees Celsius or more) must stay at home or be picked up immediately. Following an illness, your child must stay at home for at least one full day = 24 hours before being allowed to return to the group. The contents of the Infektionsschutzgesetz für Kindereinrichtungen der Landeshauptstadt München (Infection Protection Law for Childcare Facilities of the City of Munich) also apply.

Please remain reachable under the telephone number you provided while your child is staying with us.


Care costs

9:00 am – 12:00 pm


Closing times

02.04.21 & 05.4.21:        holidays

12.03.21:                         team Training

13.05.21:                         holiday

14.05.21:                         bridge day

03.06.21:                         holiday

04.06.21                          bridge Day

07/16/21:                         company outing

16.08.-03.09.21:              Summer holidays

06.09.21 & 07.09.21:      concept days