Here babies can drool, play and chuckle!

There will probably always be this discussion: “Early childcare for babies – yes or no”? According to scientists, a rich and varied support and learning environment for babies encourages them to discover and find their own independence. Outside care is also good for babies if it is loving and professional. Every baby at Zuckertag is stimulated according to his or her age and previous abilities. From an early age, babies already enjoy contact with other babies, have lots of fun playing music and finger games in our Babywelt and make their first motor experiences in our baby movement area.

Cosy baby nests, hanging cradles, mobiles, the Pikler triangle or the slide board make the baby care at Zuckertag a comfortable and exciting place for babies from the first month of life until their first attempt at walking. Here you can have your baby looked after in a loving, safe and professional way while you are taking time out for a breath of fresh air, a doctor’s appointment or working for a few hours in our co-working café. Outside of childcare hours, the Zuckertag Babywelt offers space for our baby courses.

Baby care concept


Generally, you accompany your baby in the Babywelt for about 45 minutes a day for one week. The time is arranged in consultation with the childcare workers. The familiarisation period should be carried with one parent for the whole duration. This first week serves to get to know each other and to establish a first connection with the person who will be looking after the child. Normally, no separations are made during this time. In the second week, the first short separations take place. You leave for 5-45 minutes and, gradually and in consultation with the caregivers, stay away a little longer each day. In the third week, the final phase, you say goodbye and leave for 60-90 minutes. After the final phase is concluded, you can bring your baby to us on up to three mornings per week for a maximum of three hours at a time.

The above is just a guideline. We primarily focus on the needs of your baby at the time.

In our Babywelt we have safe, age-appropriate and pedagogical toys for your baby. To avoid safety hazards, no toys from home are allowed.

The maximum hours of care per child are 3 hours on up to three days per week.

In the interest of all babies and carers, your baby may only come to the Babywelt if he or she is healthy. Babies with contagious diseases are not allowed to visit Babywelt. Babies with a fever (38 degrees or higher) must stay at home or be picked up immediately if the staff notice it. Following an illness, your baby must remain at home for at least one day = 24 hours before being allowed to return to the Babywelt. The regulations of the Infektionsschutzgesetz für Kindereinrichtungen der Landeshauptstadt München (Infection Protection Law for Children’s Facilities of the City of Munich) apply.

Please remain reachable for us by phone at all times during care hours.

You can of course breastfeed your baby in the nursery at any time during the care hours. After breastfeeding, we ask you to leave the room again so that we can concentrate fully on our work with your baby and be his or her caregiver during the care hours.

Is your baby bottle-fed or eats baby food already? Then please always bring a clearly labelled drinking bottle, snack box and/or baby food jars, milk, etc.

In addition, every baby who is cared for in the Babywelt needs a change of clothes labelled with his or her name and perhaps their favourite dummy (pacifier) for the day of care.

A place in our baby care includes:

  • 9 hours of care per week: Once familiarisation is complete, bring your baby flexibly and without prior notice!
  • Access and material fees for Zuckertag Family events such as Christmas party, summer party, Easter party, carnival party and much more
  • Pedagogical advice on questions regarding parenting from a highly qualified team of pedagogues
  • Daily access to the co-working café with Wi-Fi and printer
  • Access to the café & playroom
  • Access to the protected outdoor playground
  • Priority placement in our day care centre (from the 9th month of life, subject to availability)
  • Priority placement for summer holiday care (from 9 months of age, subject to availability)
  • 25 € discount on renting a room for family events (e.g. children’s birthday parties)


Care Costs

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Special opening hours
15.04.22 & 18:04.22:

public holidays; care groups and café closed

01.05.22: public holiday; café open from 10:00-18:00

Public holiday; Zuckertag closed

27.05.22: Bridge day; Zuckertag closed




Cafe sommerclosure

Whitsun; Zuckertag closed

16.06:22: Public holiday; Zuckertag closed
17.06.22: Bridge day; Zuckertag closed




Summer closure and concept days still being planned