Babies may and should be breastfed 8-12 times in 24 hours during the first weeks of life. The tips that used to be common, such as “every 4 hours” or “no fresh milk on milk that has not yet been digested”, are long outdated and have even been proven to be counterproductive for milk production. Breastfeeding on demand, on the other hand, ensures that the milk production of your breasts can adjust to your baby’s needs. Of course, breastfeeding so much is exhausting.

So here’s our tip:

A cup of hot tea or creamy cappuccino, delicious chocolates from the café next door or softly playing your favourite music will turn breastfeeding into a little time-out for mum. And when dad snuggles up next to you and the chocolates are eaten together, breastfeeding can suddenly become a little family island.

You don’t feel like a family idyll right now because your breasts hurt, your T-shirt has milk stains – or even your hormones? You’re doing a great job, your body is working at full speed and it’s absolutely OK to find it exhausting sometimes! All the more reason to enjoy those delicious chocolates!

Extra Tip:

If one breast hurts and you feel a hard spot, you probably have a small or large milk engorgement. This is no reason to panic, but before the congestion turns into an infection, it’s time to act. The easiest way to relieve such a spot is to place your baby so that his chin is pointing towards the hardened spot (even if you feel more like a clown in a circus with all the acrobatics). Vibration is also the easiest way to loosen the stitches. An electric toothbrush or, even better, a vibrator placed on the spot for a few minutes before breastfeeding can work wonders.