Especially during this time, when children are looking for more closeness, carrying is particularly helpful: Here is a tip from our pedagogue and carrying advisor Bianca:
During the first months of life, your baby will enjoy being carried by you in a sling or sling. This way you give him/her a very special closeness and security. Maybe it has already become a bedtime ritual to carry your baby to sleep on your chest or you simply use the opportunity to have your hands free for a little beauty programme for yourself, the household or to answer important emails? That’s perfect! But your baby is getting bigger and heavier every day. As mum or dad, you notice the weight more and more and many parents get severe back and/or neck pain from carrying the baby in front of them.
In addition, your little darling’s field of vision is restricted when he/she is carried in front. The result is often a rather dissatisfied little explorer of the world.

How can you solve both problems? Clearly: carry on the back!

Most carriers are perfectly suitable for back carrying, your little darling is still very close to you, absolutely satisfied and your back or neck will thank you in any case! I wish you wonderful carrying moments with your little treasure.

Yours, Bianca (pedagogical assistant and course instructor at Zuckertag and certified babywearing counsellor)